“I cannot thank you enough for your amazing customer service and patience throughout this entire process! I am so impressed with the professionalism shown from the entire Viking team! The Welding crew and Bobby were amazing. Their welds even won the stamp of approval from my husband (a 30-year welder!) The crane crew did a fabulous job and made it look so easy to bring down the old roof and gently place the new one up top. The paint crew, Donny and the rest of the gang did an absolutely amazing job! They even helped us save some baby birds in their nest on the tower, now if that does not show what great people Viking has working for them, I don’t know what else would! The frosting on the project cake was after sanitizing our tower both water samples got instant clean results and we were able to put our tower back into service right away. None of the multiple repeat test failures and many hassles we had to endure like the last company that sanitized our tower. Another positive is even with some weather-related issues, the work was completed on time as promised! Great Job Viking! Keep up the wonderful work!!”

Kesha Eldridge

“Brandon Vandermey and Viking are very easy to work with and there is very good communication. He attended a board meeting and presented to our board members, he stopped by our office several times prior to the project, during and after. And he has followed up by phone and email as well. We feel that the cost is very competitive with others in the same industry and it is nice to have a local company in our state now, without having to go outside of Nebraska. The project went very well, and we feel that the results are GREAT and the tower looks very nice! The project was done in a timely manner, with only a few days of being behind. Since we live in Nebraska, the humidity was a factor. There were a few days, that they had to wait to start painting, due to moisture on the exterior of the tower. Other than that, the project went great! And our maintenance guy, has stated that Brandon and his crew are very easy to work with. We highly recommend Viking Industrial Painting!! ”

Jill Sharkey

“I’m writing this letter of recommendation for the potential customers and current customers of Viking Industrial Painting out of Omaha, NE. Our experience, here at the City of Whitewater with Rick Penner and his clean-out crew was exemplary. Rick and the crew were prompt, as they showed up at the designated time. They were very patient because I didn’t have our tower emptied and ready for them. The clean-out went very well, and the crew’s work aptitude and work ethic showed in the way they approached their tasks. We ran into an issue with our drain valve that had corroded through and the crew was able to make the repair for us in just a few hours, which kept us from having to keep our tower down for possibly days. I would highly recommend Viking Industrial to any potential customer. Many THANKS to Rick and his crew for the job they did for us at the City of Whitewater”

Don Berg

“It is with pleasure that I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Viking Industrial Painting. Scott Jones and the team at Viking did an excellent job on the project they preformed for us at Huntsville, TX. They were professional, communicated well and the quality of the work they preformed was superior. I feel confident in recommending Viking for any water tank maintenance project. Their attention to detail, prompt response time and forward thinking made our project successful.”

Roark Rohe

“Viking Industrial Painting recently painted our 500,000-gallon tank in Belleville Kansas. We have been extremely pleased with the job they did. One of the first things that stood out to me when we were bidding the project was that other companies would call and ask questions like: are there a lot of houses near the tank? What kind of paint is on there now? How many cathodic protection ports are there? Viking never had to ask these questions because they had taken the time to come to the water tower and thoroughly exam it. They were professional in every way from beginning to end. I was very impressed with the crews that did our renovation repairs (new vents, ladder repairs, welding, etc.) and the painting crew. They were all very great to work with. I would have no reservation in recommending Viking to anyone.”

Adam Anderson

“Recently the City of Eureka used Viking Industrial Painting to service our water towers of which we have 3, two standpipes and one elevated tower. The crew inspected, power washed and painted the two standpipes in record time considering the weather. The job was well done, and the two standpipes look great. They also climbed and inspected the elevated tower while they were here in preparation for work to be performed upon it when they return. We felt they did an excellent job; they left no cleanup for the city to take care of. All we had to do was point them in the general direction of the towers. We especially appreciated the photo documentation of the work they performed and the excellent photos of shortcomings that needed attention in the future. The city council and I were pleased with the photos since for the first time the council could really see what had been taken care of and what remained to be attended to. Thanks Viking.”

Ian Martell